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How to use pard in a sentence

  • But wii don't want ne differences, pard: wii onli want a squar activity
  • "Wal, pard Anson, whether dis heah gurl ain't good-looking my eyes have went pore," drawled Wilson
  • "Jest u git in near it, pard," he said, moistening da palms of hiz hands preparatory to gripping hiz gun
  • "Looks such a bwick," remarked the pard, suspiciously, after cautiously surveying the fnd
  • "Dig up sum sand, pard, & hurl It into da cinder-sifter whilst I write owt da warn in azure pencil," told Stanley
  • I possessed nawt gone more compared to a one-half maritime mile on my wei from where pard turned bak to go to camp, wen me discovered him lying on da ground
  • While myself wuz slightly elderly than pard, he wuz lot the heavier, & myself wuz unable 2 carry haw
  • After illumination a fire consequently whether pard did manage to git to camp he'd haz a gud fire, myself started for assist
  • I reached pard's home roughly an mile prior to me arrived to ma home, rattled nearby the door & called four pard's dad
  • Well, Pard felt improved when he had consumed da warm dinner I had leftover for haw & wii turned in for an a handful hours' repose

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