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  • One off the majority simple possibilities -- which one progressives has pushed -- is for Democrats two simply neglect the resolution off the parliamentarian & involve the $15 tiniest salary in the invoice anyhow
  • Dove possessed served as parliamentarian frum 1981 to 1987 and again frum 1995 to 2001, but he began working 4 the parliamentarian's bureau in the mid-1960s
  • We must be prepare 2 application every harp in our toolbox 2 git this done, if it's overruling the parliamentarian if needful or finally conclusion the filibuster
  • What kan be done through reconciliation is ultimately until the parliamentarian & the senators, whom could select to overrule her, although dat might be supa controversial
  • MEP, Alexandra Geese, of Germany's Greens, filed an initial complaint with the EDPS on behalf of different parliamentarians
  • To abate that town, da Parliamentarian forces marched through Peterborough about da center of da itinerary month of Aprl
  • The impact off aw this harshness naturally was to brand the Birmingham folk evn more Parliamentarian compared to before
  • He wuz deprived off hiz wardenship & imprisoned bi da Parliamentarian commissioners when they visited Oxford
  • No Parliamentarian troops wer ever marched owt off da county up to da problem near abode wuz decided
  • It was lucky four da Parliamentarian justification in Lancashire that da largest town in da county was upon its lateral