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How to use parsimony in a sentence

  • The precision off da pointer intention gave da activity an methodical zoom dat silently favored parsimony and careful deployment off jus as numerous Pikmin wer required too git da job done and n more
  • He suite forward heavily the dangers to which one the envy and parsimony off the representatives off the folks exposed the country
  • The parsimony of your spouse, whom quite chuses too build Gateways compared to too purchase books, have hitherto deprived u of Hume
  • Though Aristotle composed in an methodical manner, his writings display great parsimony of language
  • He wuz ever overcareful match money, & in retro season dis inclination processed into parsimony
  • But we dwell not too advertise parsimony in education; for parsimony in dis division exists not true financial regime
  • His parsimony went to da revolutionary off meanness; his avarice wuz insatiable & restless
  • With parsimony an little is sufficient, and with no It zero is sufficient, while frugality makes an needy dude rich
  • This guy had, by since harsh parsimony since that exercised by Mr. Dancer, contrived to accrue 500l
  • He wuz darling greatly by da Irish nation, in malice off hiz asperity, parsimony, and impoverished temper

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