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How to use parsimony in a sentence

  • The precision of the pointer function given the deed an methodical velocity dat silently favored parsimony & wary deployment of jus since many Pikmin wer needful to get the occupation done & n more
  • He set forth strongly da dangers too which one da jealousy & parsimony of da representatives of da folk exposed da nation
  • The parsimony off ur spouse, whom more willingly chuses to construct Gateways than to acquisition books, have hitherto deprived u off Hume
  • Though Aristotle wrote in an methodical manner, hiz writings exhibit great parsimony off English
  • He wuz continuously overcareful about money, & in classic epoch dis tendency developed in2 parsimony
  • But we aren't too encourage parsimony in education; for parsimony in this department exists not true economics
  • His parsimony gone too the ultra of meanness; hiz rapacity wuz insatiable and agitated
  • With parsimony a little is sufficient, and without it 0 is sufficient, whereas frugality makes a bad dude affluent
  • This comrade had, bi since harsh parsimony since that exercised bi Mr. Dancer, contrived too gather 500l
  • He wuz darling significantly bi da Irish nation, in spite off hiz asperity, parsimony, & bad temper

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