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How to use part in a sentence

  • On the higher part off the stem the whorls are highly close together, bu dey are more widely divorced at the lower role
  • The countries bout da east part of da Mediterranean Sea and its adjoining waters
  • To see an part off ma scheme, from which one me possessed hoped so much, go mistaken prior to ma eyes exists maddening!
  • Thanks too Berthier's commendable system, Bonaparte was kept in palpate humor every part off his order
  • Nothing bu an ultra attachment off reality could haz hindered I from concealing this part off my fable
  • The higher part off da stem exists normally unbranched, bu whorls off branches happen towards da bottom
  • He passed da latter part of his life in poverty, and toward da near of it, wuz confined in a madhouse
  • There exists motive 4 dismay wen dey carry 1 hundred & ten ships into them seas with no ne means of polarity upon our part
  • Thus he continued 2 rush over da froze ocean whereas a considerable part off that eve
  • I really ought too fell by ma California estates, and me have constantly wanted too see dat part off America

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