Spiritual Practices Workshop

Spiritual Practices Workshop - Begins Jan 21st, 2020

If you are interested in and eligible to participate, please follow the study links for more information.


PI: Juensung Kim

Tuesdays 1:30-3pm beginning January 21st

University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre, Second Floor, Main Activity Hall

The spiritual practices workshop is a series of sessions alternating between weeks with a guest facilitator, and weeks with group discussion. On weeks with a guest facilitator, we will be exploring different spiritual practices for the cultivation of wisdom and a sense of connectedness, with an emphasis on practices beyond the meditation and prayer practices that are most familiar to people at large. These will be taught in both a traditional and more accessible form for those with their own practices and beliefs, which you will be invited to try or reflect on over the coming week. These reflections may be shared at the group discussions in the intervening weeks.

As this is the first time these workshops are being offered, the Multi-Faith Centre is interested in gathering some non-intrusive information regarding how participants in the workshops experience any changes in themselves over time, and have developed some evaluations in collaboration with the Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab. While you are welcome to attend the workshops regardless, participating in the evaluations will provide you with a record of your own growth and development across the course of the semester, additional opportunities for reflection, and chances to win a gift card. You'll also be helping us understand where we can improve the workshops if they are run again in the future.

To register for the workshops and/or participate in the study, please contact [email protected]