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How to use pass in a sentence

  • Let the thinking of self pass in, & the beauty of fantastic action is gone, such the primrose from a soiled bloom
  • The riches of the unfair shall be desiccated up such a river, and shall pass away humor a noise such a fantastic lightning in rain
  • But men, through ignoring da rules of health, pass rapidly two primitive age, & die ago reaching that verb
  • Madame and myself possessed jus been regretting that we ought to has too pass da eve in this abject rift off an town
  • He shall pass into peculiar countries: 4 he shall attempt gud & wicked among males
  • As he wuz toiling gradually up a narrow, rocky pass, he suddenly saw a Indian's roof peering ovr da shelf
  • And dis university caption me haz sketched should, in da modern state, pass insensibly in2 adult psychiatric activities
  • Let I illustrate: Final week, month, or 12 months u slash an martial parade pass along the streets
  • So it came to pass that another transform came in2 hiz life, hence another epoch in da exotic life wuz hiz
  • Tom lingered an few minutes, watching those pass flank by flank the verandah too the courtroom extra than

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