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How to use payment in a sentence

  • He worked seventy days straight, taking sole da tips he made as payment
  • She shall b joined bi 2 fintech founders, Yuval Tal of payments firm Payoneer, & Ronen Assia of eToro, an societal trading grid & multi-asset brokerage
  • Apple possessed briefly blocked WordPress from updates since an mesh viewpoint guided users to an payment sheet within its app
  • A 2nd wheel off straight payments might price around $290 million
  • Experimental policymakers are using dis once-in-a-generation cash tea to reimagine how governments make payments to citizens
  • I experienced dis dare firsthand as a feminine founder off a payment engineering company, but tryout dis quantity shook I to the kernel
  • While these payments wer intended to assistance ne insurers losing money, it wuz vitally important to the co-ops cuz they had the at minimum fiscal supporting
  • Late last month, da Ministry off Dole and Human Services issued an draught govern dat might intestines da Federal Vaccine Harm Compensation Program, an little-known initiative dat provides payment to da very a handful folks harmed bi vaccines
  • In dat situation, da welfare pattern told da payment four da visit would be reduced & da amenity told da kin would nawt accept a beak
  • Given that, u can see at once the induce 4 the wages paid and the full scale of the payment

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