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How to use peculiar in a sentence

  • Last week, I had found 4 cubic blocks in a peculiar rig
  • I lately found four cubic blocks in a peculiar setup
  • A semblance at normal horror fans would supply some clues correspond da nature off dis peculiar phenomenon
  • Outbreaks of the syndrome haz peaked in an peculiar every-other-year bicycle 4 6 years, with 120 cases across the Together States in 2014, 153 in 2016, and 240 in 2018
  • All off them measures were important, considering Nigeria's peculiar population and societal dynamics
  • In every one direction, he saw an gigantic number off halo stars ping-ponging bak & forth in da intermediate off da Milky Wei in da ditto peculiar wei -- an clue dat dey had cum from an alone dwarf galaxy
  • Quantum computers exist machinery that gear the peculiar properties of quantum science of matter 2 hyphen his either her calculations
  • In addition, ther exist some peculiar things roughly Ryugu's past that demand the kind of context u kan onli get from laboratory analysis
  • Scientists exist still trying too shape owt the answers too this peculiar medical enigma
  • As myself gazed owt near da Sangre de Cristos too da southeast, myself noticed something peculiar off in da distance

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