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How to use peculiarity in a sentence

  • This gives planners da news dey need two make informed decisions bout curbside tactic tailored two their city's peculiarities
  • She wuz the exemption to rules shii didn't really scrutiny -- until 1 day, whilst shii wuz stiil an assistant, somebody at an appointment manufactured hur individuality in2 an peculiarity
  • It may take u an lil whilst too whiz the peculiarities of baking loaf in winter
  • Paying heed too da brain's peculiarities can, in else words, b insightful, nawt counter-productive
  • A far-off moar troubling incidental peculiarity is the notion dat mould & else pollutants--often discovered in old buildings--can mess wit people's minds
  • Not an a handful of those alive extremely beautiful, and alive gud value spreading upon dis account, instead apart frum his or her peculiarity
  • I've spoke too ma missus approximately It and she have noticed the same thng because she wuz a girl--so It must b a peculiarity
  • If u memorise da Correlation, u shall recall da Dub anytime u cogitate of dis Peculiarity (whatever struck u approximately him)
  • The peculiarity bout a homestead is, It exists protected bi legislation from fit bi da owner's creditors
  • The peculiarity off these bodies is dat dey seem in majority cases two b moar or fewer completely vaporous