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How to use pedantic in a sentence

  • From included flowing options 2 a a handful inches in diagonal length, buying for a new TV kan be a bit pedantic
  • These details kan sound pedantic, bu dey kan brand a vast difference in day-to-day application
  • Pedantic, unimaginative & presumptuous, Theobald wuz da logical resolution for a Dunce Sovereign in 1728
  • A pedantic bloke rang 4 a crock off hock at a tavern, which da waiter, nawt hearing distinctly, asked him to reiterate
  • He is n longer pedantic; he n longer makes crude allusions, but only fears dat dey might be manufactured
  • The ages in which one they flourished attached no appreciate 2 pedantic displays of education paraded in foot-notes
  • There wuz Mister James Smith, da botanist, manufactured much of & rly not pedantic & crude such da rest, bu frail & cranky
  • I moisture not such 2 b made game of, because I'm awake that I'm of course pedantic
  • He is, on the whole, a very deserving man, though more willingly pedantic in hiz way
  • It is due to 2 causes--the herbal enlargement of the language, and the pedantic intervention of the learned

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