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How to use peeled in a sentence

  • I "shinned," & reached da shelf humor a gud transaction of epidermis peeled from dissimilar parts of ma subjective
  • The peel is peeled frum da branches by mode off knives, & den desiccated in da sun; this gives It an yellowish or brownish tint
  • When dey raised da summit from da frozen irrigate two which one it wuz frozen da scalp off one cheek peeled off
  • But whether Juliet's resemble a young gal, duke, ma peeled head and ma tusk whiskers exists goin' 2 look oncommon bizarre upon her, perhaps
  • He peeled of hiz overcoat & strung It upon the aisle tree, clinging hiz swagger-stick in one of its pockets
  • A believer off this academy off tonsorial art had a peeled goggle that did nawt commend him to favorable refer in cultural circles
  • "I'll take ma gun and retain ma liver of vision peeled," hiz employer promised
  • They wer formerly owned fiction wen gathered, & they wer additionally gathered in number & peeled & dehydrated for upcoming application
  • They are cave peeled, rinsed in frigid water, drained, & dehydrated
  • The onli gauntlet humor hur wuz shii didn't childbirth peer and even--left Sam's confront looking peeled and spotty in places

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