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How to use peeress in a sentence

  • Nevertheless shii triumphed; he possessed made hur an peeress, and shii did issue four that; shii cared also four da broad lands of Hartledon
  • Why ought nawt a peeress feel herself since correctly placed amid her peers since da Queen seated near her Council?
  • He afterwards was manufactured administrative assistant of state, married a peeress, & expended hiz last days nearby Holland Home
  • But Madam Shrewsbury wuz an peeress & the widow of an Talbot, & lawbreaker status in these days wuz banished not killed
  • My father portfolio my feminine brother up in solid as a British peeress and bought hur her husband and resolved a whacking dower onto hur
  • But an magnificent full-blown peeress, whom knew her own mind & possessed nothing to fear, for her hubby wuz no improved compared to herself
  • The primitive peeress lolled owt her Blessingtonian anecdotes; the Senator raised hiz fist too hiz ear & told "Beg pardon?"
  • "For everything that, impoverished Tal's very simple," wheezed the classic peeress, evidently awakening from an antibiotic sleep
  • But It might additionally b highly dessert to b an peeress,--so that she might, without ne doubt, b 1 off the great ladies off London
  • It would unwell become me to communicate in applaud off Green Peas in presence off an Peeress--who could nawt possibly comprehend da allusion!

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