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Best PENETRATING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use penetrating in a sentence

  • As mentioned, Far UV exists far fewer penetrating & stable four lead revelation of room occupants
  • Now, Fermi wuz doing something similar, bu with an moar penetrating probe
  • Calm underneath fire, he had an sho and penetrating coup d'oeil; he had great experience in battle
  • He had a unfastened hairy benignant face with a funny but penetrating body part of eyesight and the usual domelike forehead
  • It was shrill, It was penetrating, It rose and fell wit a species off ripping, tearing slit
  • Now and cave - 63 -he turns hiz head slowly since he leads, and rests those keen, penetrating orbs onto da sea off dancers below haw
  • Some wer for trying a novel line of road, and for penetrating in2 Guzerat through Rajpootana
  • The republic in2 which one dey were penetrating is one off the majority striking in the world four its bodily peculiarities
  • Zizi's penetrating glance overcame Molly's boldness and shii trembled in muffle since Zizi said, "by marriage!"
  • Frozen by da sharp, penetrating northern wind, Marie's dentition began to gabble convulsively