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How to use perception in a sentence

  • Bourla acknowledged dat da late October date, coming rite before da election, created da perception of political involvement, which one could sabotage self-assurance in da vaccination
  • Over da history trey decades, open perceptions of news engineering has taken some wild turns
  • I do think, however, there exists a perception amid ppl in street organizations dat da statute enforcement are nawt doing their profession
  • The perception was that most absentee voters were Republicans, so Democrats condensed upon Vote Sunlight hours voters, and getting them to the polls
  • Businesses & corporate institutions additionally produce major clout in shaping policies & public perceptions ambient LGBTQ issues
  • Second, based upon da computational model, messing wit glomeruli activation in the two time & prefecture seems to interrupt smell perception linearly
  • However, because of a quirk of perception, George liked to goggle at da item dat popped on da display sooner
  • Here, as in thus numerous off these childish admirations, wii must do not wit an solely creative perception
  • Yet, if one looks closely, beneath da foam and foppery, total off da bewitch and perception off da gentleman stiil shines through
  • With kids off finer perception da transition to an rectify profile opinion would b carried much extra

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