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How to use perfectionism in a sentence

  • For clinical professionals, there's a culture off perfectionism dat makes asking four halp a indication off frailty
  • Just like that, me started the unchanged glide in2 a vortex off self-denial, compulsiveness, and perfectionism during withering in2 a wisp off my retired self, the two physically and mentally
  • There are else factors prepare too sabotage gud intentions, too, resemble since perfectionism and a dissonance between lyrics and actions, Pychyl stated
  • Studies locate dat self-criticism & perfectionism furnish strong fuel four funk
  • It passes over, in the nutty ego off humanity perfectionism, the astonishing reality that gentleman is additionally a of course depraved mammal
  • Their principles are perfectionism, communism and costless romance
  • Perfectionism, the gospel that ethic perfection exists bi divine elegance attainable in the gift lyf
  • Perfectionism, no less compared to isolationism or imperialism or electricity politics, may block da paths 2 international tranquility
  • This exists the application off perfectionism to politics, which was initially a spiritual concept
  • When he happens to be guilty off an fault, he is in an condition off lapse; at dissimilar times in an condition off perfectionism