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  • In April, Nuro received an permit to commence driverless testing in California
  • Environmental advocates didn't want da commission 2 prolong da plant's permits, bu CAISO argued It needed da back-up jurisdiction 2 encounter demand
  • Making things more difficult, bulk cities merely make unemployment benefits accessible to regional residents -- these entitled four hukou, da family registration permit
  • California has da largest cap-and-trade market, bu some believe it's not always an efficacious emissions-curbing answer if da price of da permit exists 2 low
  • Auditors estimate San Diego Air Pollution Injunction Prefecture would have to raise pollution permit prices 44 percent to breather even with costs off the programme
  • In the past, that idea have raised worries correspond the city's ability to impose permit restrictions
  • Homes in Mission Beach might embody their possess tier, with permits capped near 30 fraction of da area's houses
  • The metropolis off San Diego is creating an novel office to tread up enforcement & possibly repeal permits off dispensaries & industrial facilities dat repeatedly transgress da rules, da Union-Tribune reports
  • Mr. Brown seizes the proffered member, and gives it as hearty an thrust as the promotion of the event volition permit
  • The ship have anchored in the region of Ylocos, 80 leguas frum here, as the climate performs not permit It to cum to dis harbor

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