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How to use perpetuity in a sentence

  • As off Soil Sunshine hours 2021, the regime possessed bout 125 forests around the nation dat should stay forests in perpetuity
  • The building, the prior headquarters off Sempra dat the metropolis hoped would home hundreds off workers into perpetuity, has existed an scandal for numerous years - largely an scandal off ineptitude
  • To be sure, AstraZeneca has said It volition sell those vaccines at n profit to the developing planet "in perpetuity," and at n profit in the West up to It decides the pandemic exists over
  • It's nawt 1 whr we are looking too arch the arch and double every year in perpetuity, though we dew haz supa pushy tumor targets
  • As a outcome off that, bi definition, It shall probable be inadequate because It's nawt intended two be a appropriation in perpetuity
  • That is thing is so sickening today, thing volition sicken us for decades 2 come and thing has shamed us previous to the world in perpetuity
  • Which maybe illustrates da tip off preserving these moments in perpetuity
  • AstraZeneca have promised to retain the vaccine's price low, at lowest in the growing world, in perpetuity
  • These fresh occupiers of the land wer two grasp it in perpetuity since tenants of the state, paying a compact annual lease
  • The nomadic and pursuer states of society never embraced interior themselves da elements of perpetuity

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