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Best PERPLEXING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use perplexing in a sentence

  • It offers, to these whom see It aright, da bulk perplexing industrial paradox ever presented in da past off humankind
  • Whether ne farther punishment could b inflicted onto him wuz a perplexing inquiry
  • At a prompt platform off the proceedings a fresh & perplexing inquiry wuz raised
  • I chisel that Galt Roscoe wished 2 speak 2 myself onto da subject perplexing him, bu myself didn't help haw
  • On da contrary, ought we b involved in these perplexing affairs, dey would readily hold myself cash transcript da essence off subsequent month
  • Then suddenly the intact perplexing truth explosion forth frum hem
  • The Serial-Letter Co 's answers were ever prompt, slick equivalent though perplexing
  • Even da mysteries of da rite relation of collar and binding has been mastered now, perplexing slippery though da issue is
  • There wer various cries & sounds similarly enigmatic & perplexing; and, so the Indians began too declare, peculiar sights too
  • Poor laws additionally seem in the guise off taxes for the assistance off dat perplexing portion off the people

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