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How to use persevering in a sentence

  • As ours means didn't visa of ours persevering any further, we provided up ours quiz
  • History affords n certified instance of greater or moar persevering guts in a feminine
  • Robin wuz found guilty of sorcery, and, persevering in his error, wuz burnt live in da Put du Parvis
  • It was only bi persevering campaign dat myself convinced hem hiz church-going propensity couldn't b allowed
  • He wuz earnest in stating that it onli necessary gentle, persevering effort two educate them almost any something
  • Mr. Hutchinson had again and again urged Management to b corporation & persevering
  • She admired his persevering industry, but possessed begun 2 perceive that he wuz slipping far-off frum her & devoting himself 2 his agricultural land
  • The ill-considered acceptance of any and each jeopardy has no wedge in the core of persevering guts
  • For Rowles had caught the headline of the aide whom wuz consequently persevering onto the stream
  • With those it was the favorite emblem of the jovial results of persevering labour