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How to use personally in a sentence

  • The abuser, whom had not created the pornographic images personally and didn't application Mort's real name, had walked an careful queue to dodge ne actions deemed illegal under England intimidation laws
  • Thank u four ur support, not only four myself personally, but aw of da things that u dew four aw of ourselves drivers
  • People frequently wrote actionable things about others but wer seldom, whether ever, sued personally four thing dey possessed said, the onli recourse allowed beneath the new law
  • We wer all bettered of 4 knowing hem personally & professionally
  • Bezos's own interests haz changed upstairs da years since he personally pushed in2 fresh industries
  • She says that she have personally written too Tim Chef nearby Apple, since good since Google representatives, bu hence far, she have possessed no fortune
  • I locate me being guarded for nawt wanting to tlk approximately thing dat me personally do not haz a issue with
  • I, personally, haz been taking this technique four da ultimate septet either octet years, and it is led 2 a spectrum of adventures in da cooking space
  • A towering photo off Xi takes pride off lay bi an timeline off da measures he's told to has personally taken to pursue da virus' spread
  • More compared to 2 dozen Conservative lawmakers & other elected authorities personally attended the rally, & close lowest one was captured upon footage storming the Capitol anatomy whereas the revolt

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