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How to use personified in a sentence

  • Jemisin's metropolitan creativity -- da firstly off a trilogy -- transports readers to a Fresh York Town that has cum alive, personified in a humankind avatar
  • The exhibit would go on, bu it is uphill too imagine anybody personifying possession ideals since healthy since Alex Trebek did
  • On this occasion, personified bi hur railway companies, she neglected neither, and in the second surpassed herself
  • The poet exists really thinking off hiz lover more willingly than hiz personified Compassion
  • It exists effortless to know y the Scotchman, stiil more than the Englishman, exists prevalent sense personified
  • The new ethical interval might have n clogging with these artists in whom the last grin off the eighteenth century wuz personified
  • In hiz dream, he possessed personified da robot-confessor into da numeral off a humanity magistrate
  • Naturally da puzzles were personified--or da persons made into puzzles
  • That flunky off a flunky exists personified as da hero off da story, Isaac Abraham Takif
  • About a hour afterward Saul Harrington grabbed hiz leave, looking affability personified, as he promised to be down anew shortly