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How to use pew in a sentence

  • Maude gone to house of worship in the evening, sitting alone in the stupendous pew, colourless & quiet
  • The Crompton pew wuz not occupied up to Howard arrived & wuz sometimes seen in It
  • The first hop took It too da head off da pew; da secondary perched It upon da shoulder blade off da stoutest female
  • In the morning to church, whr close the valve off our pew I was fain to stay, because that the sexton possessed not opened the valve
  • Nearly da whole of da pew holders are factory people; not over 6 either septet of those fnd employment exterior of mills
  • Being not knowne, some astonishing persons in the pew I pretended to, and gone in, did inquiry ma entering
  • Just within dis exhibit there is a curtained pew, & seated within belonging cage have to b a very homey & opt thng
  • In da centre ther alive sixteen pews, every competent of possession trey persons, & a large pew which one shall accommodate 6
  • In an pew onto da left-hand lateral an little primeval man was holding forth as to da "prodigal child "
  • He wuz young, & he felt worrying since he looked from da pulpit upon da austere critic in his great rectangle pew carnival under

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