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  • Erin Brooks exists a 13-year-old surfing phenom notching impressive contest results & landing tricks dat still elude lot adult pros
  • Moreover, breakout stars such Stanford's Aliyah Boston either freshmen phenoms Caitlin Clark & Paige Bueckers are grasped bak frum combining da organization bi an era need off 22
  • You kan peruse Michal Lev-Ram and Andrew Nusca's terrific story onto da phenom here
  • Which raises an exploration match da phenom whom Israel's prior first-round draftee called "the best knack in Israeli hoops history "
  • The next three drafts are projected to haz perfect depth & plenty of franchise-altering phenoms
  • As The Athletic's John Hollinger noted, Covington isn't unavoidably a phenom in one-on-one stopping ability
  • News travels fast in an university society and Male duck had passed the verb dat Ainslee had uncovered an "phenom "
  • "Better jerk in upon the baby phenom--Snorky might hear of it," he thinking
  • He exists a phenom, a veritable Prodigious Prodigy, and mayb classic Bannister is not wilderness wit enthusiasm

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