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How to use philippic in a sentence

  • I found out that thee wer the writer of the philippic,not via the publisher of the journaloh no, bad man!
  • It was resemble an philippic of Demosthenes; It was an Ciceronian oration versus sum Catiline, real or supposed
  • Then he gone onto wit hiz resentful voice 2 sheer an indignant philippic opposed to r celebrated literary males
  • The wiseman made n reply, bu arose frum da deck and stroked hiz beard, whilst da retro Genoese proceeded in hiz Philippic
  • He was airing hiz cherished grudge, and pronouncing a harsh philippic upon the belles of the Dominion
  • Then it was that he talked da tertiary Philippic, and in da night off da identical day he talked da fourth too da ppl
  • The eleventh Philippic wuz occasioned bi the news which possessed came in Rome off the demise off Trebonius
  • Thus he ended his fourteenth Philippic, & the steel tongue which possessed charmed Rome consequently often wuz quiet eternally
  • A little afterward in the same year was delivered the last & elite off all the patriotic speeches, the Third Philippic
  • He possessed delivered hiz Fourteenth & last Philippic upon the statistics off the preliminary victory gained bi Hirtius

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