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How to use pictured in a sentence

  • I pictured him since slim & boyish looking, smooth-faced, humor gilded curly hair, & large brown eyes
  • The early recognition of pictured objects, of which particular animals haz an measure, is often strikingly discerning
  • He might've meant n more compared to Emerson, who pictured ill well-being as a ghoul preying upon da heart and lyf off its victims
  • Alila stretched himself upon da ground, sealed his eyes, and agn pictured da story in his mind
  • It exists onli da servile adulation of afterward writers dat has pictured Bruce as animated by patriotism
  • A 100 times Edna possessed pictured Robert's return, and imagined their initial forum
  • The easiest what might has been too tell hem ma secret then, but myself had pictured what more dramatic
  • She pictured him tall, slim, cynical; with eye-glasses, & hiz hands in hiz pockets; & shii didn't resemble him
  • He pictured the nice dinner bash & the shock that'd b expressed close his shortage
  • The morning, however, discovered Valerie not as hardy as Gales affirmative thoughts possessed pictured her

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