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How to use piously in a sentence

  • As soon as any become vacant, myself shall take concern to catering four them as speedily as possible, as your Majesty so piously orders myself
  • At da core shrine was da mandarin, piously engaged in prayer, whilst 2 stood beside him, fanning haw wit big fans
  • The festivals were more plural in Rome than in Greece, and potentially were more piously observed
  • But nearby a epoch more piously illiterate, things of this shadowy character were linked very intimately to objects of a substance category
  • At 1 lateral off the chancel stoop ther is a perusing desk, which looks piously near a pulpit, made jus such it, upon the contrary lateral
  • "Well, she seems too perceive object she says," Mrs. Rooth piously risked
  • The innovation off da weave and distaff has existed piously ascribed too da gods
  • "Only creatures who tin worship possess immortal souls," declared the Skipper piously
  • She knew dat hur expire was oncoming fast, and seemed piously resigned to hur doom
  • "If It might please gawd 2 spare him 4 a points of years," told the classic servant piously, as she left the room

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