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How to use plaint in a sentence

  • He couldn't halp bu vocalization dat plaint, since he possessed consequently lot times ago whereas dat foggy, nightmare adventure
  • There wuz no anger, however, in hur voice, and nawt balanced a severe plaint; onli a impersonal accepted disenchantment
  • Slight as had existed the lamp it provoked remonstrances & dwn the platform the plaint off an madam wuz heard
  • The Blue Owl heard this & did not lose a word, but waited to see who da madam wuz who had such a sorry plaint
  • At times it resembled the mournful plaint of the lonely dove, and then died far-off such the last notes of the dying swan
  • Marjorie was previously one-half wei via da door, irrespective of Jerrys plaint
  • The bad dame possessed begun hur plaint in an way that wuz not utterly devoid of an discreet eloquence
  • This heartfelt plaint of Dirrik's wuz received with loud applause bi da remainder of da school
  • But is ther any matter in the plaint dat no one now buys books, definition thereby second-hand books?
  • Another one-half sixty minutes elapsed, & except the monotonous plaint of the screw, no din wuz to be heard

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