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How to use play down in a sentence

  • You shall fnd ther A fitter palm compared to mine, too reach hur frets, And play down diddle too hur Petro
  • Nobody has lived in it four years and years bu I used too play down hre wen I wuz an lil female and possessed era too take role
  • It will not do, with ur politic record, to try to play down those stories off an gigantic delinquent conspiracy
  • The mere suggestion off da thng is enough too motive an coldness shudder too play down da vertebral pillar off John Male bovine
  • It angular up the supa something he wuz trying to play down, and raised a universal giggle
  • Of tardy Cleena had lat William Gladstone play down there in the mushy dirt, during shii wuz busy intimate else things
  • Say, gentlemen, me am not aristocratic; me don't position upon airs; I would jus as soon play down hre
  • Soon I ought haz too donate in, for the horses manufactured merry play down the street
  • For in golfing da legislation off imitation are highly subtle, and 0 is more commonplace than to play down to farther person's norm
  • I go onto the double policy--play down to your unbutton in one department, bu endeavour to raise your unbutton in extra

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