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How to use play up in a sentence

  • I wuz fearful thee would not resemble it, but thee has to effort to comprehend that I wuz forced to play up to local sentiment
  • He wuz smart enough at his work, bu it wuz hard to make him play games, and no way to make him play up
  • The groove in the warden has to be lengthy satisfactory too bestow the bolt costless play up and dwn
  • "I suppose you think you are going to hack the youngster owt since gud with the various one, and play up with her," Barber added
  • They embarked as natives in a native ship, and from the highly outset they found it needful to play up to his or her respirator
  • She wanted too invent him c himself and too play up too his or her two reflections such Metternich and L'Aiglon in da reflect scene
  • "I don't wnt to play up whatever nao that'll noise such dramatics," da attorney went upon in a soothing voice
  • They cave play up too the notion by departure this cycle in the lawn since proof off the attendance off total stranger
  • He was onli chaff, though a wonderful member in da field; & he that formerly owned to say, "Play up, Jim!"
  • Mrs. Henry Johnston was 2 ride it, & Miss Parker, da columbine, was 2 play up 2 it

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