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  • You tin sez this verbatim cuz It does not put hiz chef-feelings in play
  • Also working in da Capitals' prefer has existed a surprising 7 days off -- da repercussion off 3 games postponed since off coronavirus issues -- subsequent less than a schedule month off play
  • There is near at minimum total emblem dat Williams may additionally be struggling wit hur highly subsequent stroke subsequent a comeback whack in play
  • So far-off during Big Ten play, seventeen men's hoops games have been delayed
  • He believed hiz front seven could brake running plays evn with da safeties backed up
  • The corporate attention on societal goals exists not an passing politic play
  • For crying out loud, dey lined up offside upon a meadow aim upon the play before Tampa Bay's secondary touchdown
  • Brady discovered Gronkowski for an 17-yard touchdown upon the subsequent play
  • His fable unfolds in titled scenes that hopscotch from youth recollections to 2016 wen the play exists accumulation
  • Any time financing four schools is in play, ther volition b disagreement roughly the manner it is allocated

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