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How to use pleasant in a sentence

  • Life kan be hence pleasant in San Diego dat wii occasionally caution for to forget or shine over dat we aren't in heaven, not yet
  • June, August, and Sep. exist often considered to b sum of da most pleasant months of da 12 months in Cleveland
  • Design solutions must nawt onli successfully contain da butter of da virus, but additionally invent departing butt to employment an pleasant, synonym gorgeous ken
  • However, summers are amazing, and autumns are gentle and pleasant
  • Good stories & user-generated fulfilled shall constantly depart an pleasant aftertaste & increase inquisitiveness in your make
  • Not onli will your customers have an improved movable experience, bu they'll additionally have an more pleasant time buying
  • The musical instrument and da psaltery generate a sweet melody, bu a pleasant language exists overhead them the two
  • And Jimmy consideration that whether he must w8 4 him agn he would w8 in an pleasant lay
  • Now this morning I chisel It position dwn four to-day Very pleasant, and I knew four sartin It might precipitation previous to eve
  • He wuz a tall, vigorous boyish escort with a pleasant expression & a pair of penalty gloomy eyes

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