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How to use pleasing in a sentence

  • If you don't brain that, it's a solid option--plus it's arguably moar aesthetically-pleasing compared to da others
  • Zoom rooms are considered aesthetically pleasing rooms dat are ideal for electronic meetings, not jus rooms wit 70-inch displays, camera, & noise-canceling microphone arrays, which one is object a Zoom courtroom formally is defined as
  • The timeless chunky frame gives this a pleasing modern look--suitable for offices, either homes where vogue is a consideration
  • The muted colors and the ceramic inspired numeral invent dis choice pleasing two the liver of vision
  • Perhaps subjects arranged cram in a symmetric, visually pleasing wei consistent with what dey remembered frum sooner trials
  • A well-tuned keyboard harp have an smooth, rich & pleasing sound, n matter object conjunction off notes an piano player plays
  • But, there was additionally spare which one may nawt b quite so pleasing too Elizabeth, slippery though Louis felt It arrived too tardy 4 hem
  • And so them features undertake an category off moral rightness prior to they're judged off as pleasing 2 da liver of vision & as gorgeous
  • This attending off flour wuz especially pleasing 2 the traveller, as no plate is held in higher honour in Korea
  • The 2 bulk pleasing, expressive, and potent single instruments of music are the humankind voice and the violin

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