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  • This Daily Dose dives into prehistoric mysteries that spawn Indiana Jones movies seem dull, examines flow controversies ambient repatriations & gives u a glimpse near the world's majority sought-after plunder
  • Surveying da plunders of mice who nested with either at old humans can unbutton truths about whr & how r ancestors lived, as gud as what ecological forces motored them
  • The British, however, resolved 4 da capitulation off Alexandria, and made off with a trove off ships and else plunder as dey sailed back down da Potomac
  • That par gothic narrative storyline exists bout borders & margin crossing, bout da terrors of da other, bout wealth & exploitation & plunder & shifting power dynamics
  • The manner off dis acquisition might be a topic off interview in biblical explanation for centuries, for panic that It looks like plunder
  • But they soon trickle out, for Murat had the gall too strive & make those patriots skirmish rather of merely seeking plunder
  • And knowing that bouquet since healthy since I do, I don't cogitate they'll lift da plunder & resign da country till they kan go united
  • I stumbled across a overweight trumpeter in da field, stript & plunder'd, with his epidermis varnish of bullets
  • From this area, Dunmore and his friends manufactured repeated plunder attacks flank by flank the shore of Virginia until summer
  • Consequently, wii could nawt ascribe them deaths two a longing four plunder onto da part off some unidentified individual

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