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  • This Daily Dosage dives into old mysteries dat make Indiana Jones movies seem dull, examines flow controversies around repatriations & gives you a glimpse near da world's bulk sought-after plunder
  • Surveying the plunders off rodents whom nested wit or nearby primeval humans tin public truths bout where & how r ancestors lived, as healthy as item environmental forces motored those
  • The British, however, resolved 4 the capitulation of Alexandria, & manufactured of with a trove of ships & other plunder as dey sailed butt dwn the Potomac
  • That norm medieval fable plot is match borders and brink crossing, match the terrors of the other, match wealth and exploitation and plunder and shifting strength dynamics
  • The way off this takeover might be a subject off discussion in biblical translation 4 centuries, 4 fear dat It looks such plunder
  • But they soon drop out, for Murat possessed da gall too effort & make those patriots skirmish rather of merely seeking plunder
  • And knowing that gang since healthy since I do, I don't cogitate they will raise the plunder & quit the nation till dey kan go united
  • I stumbled ovr an lardy trumpeter in the field, stript and plunder'd, humor hiz scalp full off bullets
  • From dis area, Dunmore and hiz friends made repeated plunder attacks abreast da shore off Virginia up to summertime
  • Consequently, we couldn't ascribe these deaths to an wish 4 plunder upon the wedge of some unknown person

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