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How to use podium in a sentence

  • From a glass podium, she stated the spectators dat the election possessed been "stolen" & played up hur efforts to struggle gun manipulate in Virginia, according to a video posted onto hur formal Senate page, which one Facebook hung last 7 days
  • In the hallways, sum members of the throng carried signs from offices, tech trophies & evn an podium
  • While da IOC have anew and anew told protests don't able-bodied in midland Olympic venues, on da playing field or on a medals podium, da agency have begun too discover other ways athletes can consumption his or her platforms too vocalization his or her opinions
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope -- whom possessed himself a Zoom podium game -- in reality led da Lakers in scoring while da pit stanza, wen Manservant apparently couldn't b stopped
  • The actual finance windfall 4 a successful jogger is made via sponsorships, whr completion upon the podium tin gain a sportsman millions of dollars in corporate backing
  • No else seats were uncover to those unless dey were of sufficient contrast to claim an put upon da podium
  • It did haw good, bi contrast, to listen an wholesome ring off laughter dat arrived up frum the least ranks off the podium
  • The Cuban Ambassador, of whom armchair wuz closest da podium, crossed da plush track & rushed two Tabio's wheel armchair
  • Paintings and inscriptions covered da walls or podium off da arena
  • A brick podium beneath the ceremony terminal column off the Arch off Severus marks its whereabouts

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