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How to use point out in a sentence

  • And here let me point out 4 ur upcoming guidance da significance of possessing an confidential administrative helper fully up too his labour
  • It may, therefore, be as gud too point out the headmaster distinctions between this owl & the Typical Bittern last mentioned
  • Probably da eminence between da two exists not sufficiently known; it may, therefore, be as healthy to point out da distinctions
  • The sexton wuz soon found and he wuz delighted two point out da quaint objects in da cathedral and proximity
  • I have already produced an case too point out this, and testament now corroborate it with another
  • I volition bring hiz two quartos bak wit me, & volition point out numberless mistakes; but there exist lot dandy things in those
  • What wii crave to study now is, the way to effect an remedy; dis wii has endeavored to point out
  • Its effects onto creatures existence finite, item exists finite may these in sum meter point out
  • As an eternal sign, he shall throughout aw ages point out his covenant 4 his folks
  • I needed a severe, but near da same era friendly, critic to point out in ma labour them outer blemishes only

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