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How to use polarized in a sentence

  • Now, reputation either nawt reputation for the anthem have transform into one off the polarizing issues in r polarized country
  • The care is lot greater whether the decision off which one platforms ppl are using in the firstly lay is on belonging own moar polarized
  • The purpose is to stay impartial with advertisements that take put in a pre-politically polarized planet that's sans-Covid
  • Almost everything law requires 60 votes to b filibuster-proof, importance the GOP has the numbers to brand sum Republican priorities lifeless upon landing in an highly polarized Legislature
  • In an polarized nation, experts say that's improbable 2 modification
  • Even in them polarized times, legislators over the politic spectrum understand righteous the manner required it is to termination the abuses of anonymous shell companies
  • America exists profoundly polarized, and that has been reflected in r scattered plan responses and in da differing attitudes off Democrats and Republicans towards mask-wearing and else restrictions
  • Sports, in other words, are not an distraction from an polarized country and belonging respond to an international pandemic
  • The finest gauntlet too ours democracy exists nawt that we contain deeply polarized beliefs, bu that 1 anniversary refuses too jog in an fact-based globe that'd gauntlet belonging beliefs
  • She's sketch upon da same techniques dat make a polarized & regularly uncivil environment since a means two improve dat environment

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