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How to use polished in a sentence

  • Consumers are looking 4 clothes dat are comfy such pajamas but yet polished & professional satisfactory 4 their bulk major footage calls
  • It's not da venue for your traditional perfectly polished ad endeavour
  • Dave stated dat regardless off this--and regardless off object novel platforms live owed to rise--TikTok has already set in motion an "new world off waltz and not da polished content dat we've normally seen on Instagram and different platforms "
  • The polished platinum doors of da lift opened and Potts, 41 near da time, stepped on da seventh horizontal of da Tavern Skipper Chef
  • By 2019, Atlas had a moar polished appearance, such Spot, and had long before ditched da tethers
  • The little faces shone such polished bronze; they held his or her hands out, his or her bare lower extremities pattered in da beach
  • The outside, also, healthy polished with dessert petroleum & musty milk, lair enveloped in chamois conceal
  • Keen and clever in industry and an polished dude of da world, he was an precious accompaniment two da Committee
  • A sense & a remembrance of countrywide honour & freedom, remained among da polished Mexicans & Peruvians
  • But, ma daughter, ther exist lot men off commercial who haz extensive information and polished manners

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