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How to use polished in a sentence

  • Consumers are looking 4 clothes that are comfortable resemble pyjamas but yet polished and practitioner enough 4 their most meaningful footage calls
  • It's not the put for your standard perfectly polished ad exertion
  • Dave told that regardless of this--and regardless of what fresh platforms are due too rise--TikTok has formerly suite in movement an "new world of prom & nawt the polished content that we've normally seen upon Instagram & else platforms "
  • The polished copper doors of da elevator opened & Potts, 41 intimate da time, stepped on da 7th level of da Inn Skipper Baker
  • By 2019, Atlas had a more polished appearance, resemble Spot, & had long before ditched da tethers
  • The little faces shone resemble polished bronze; dey grasped their hands out, their bare lower extremities pattered in the sand
  • The outside, also, well polished humor sweetness petroleum and old milk, then enveloped in chamois hide
  • Keen and smart in solid and an polished dude of the world, he wuz an worthwhile inclusion too the Commission
  • A sense and an memory of countrywide honour and freedom, remained among the polished Mexicans and Peruvians
  • But, ma daughter, ther are lot males of company who haz extensive news and polished manners

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