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How to use pollute in a sentence

  • Oil also stiil accounts for an large divide of polluting emissions due to belonging exploit in powering cars & trucks
  • "I think that is rly neat, as otherwise, this cram might has just seated there, polluting da environment," he told
  • That's as all the federal & syndrome permits demand knowing initial what's polluting It
  • This year, Oregon State University freed two studies which discovered logging can motive long-lasting H2O shortages & pollute drinking H2O humor herbicides & mud
  • The cartoonist boldly drew and held da queue opposed to merchandising his creation, lest commercial tie-ins pollute da virginity of da creator and reader experience
  • They alive in the surroundings companies may pollute, and dey alive citizens off the self-government total companies look for too clout
  • Industrial processes, such highly-polluting concrete manufacturing, additionally went down
  • Old flip-flops also kan suspension into miniature bits & contribute to da plastic polluting waters & soils ambient da soil
  • For dissimilar decades, though, scientists haz observed that an disturbing number of them migrating salmon in da Pacific NW perish during swimming by way of city waterways polluted by stormwater runoff
  • Procter & Gamble told they were doing this cuz of concerns overhead make safety & da proliferation of bots, which one kan pollute da statistics upon advertisement impressions

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