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How to use pooled in a sentence

  • That's an profound pool of prospect customers u reside missing owt upon
  • Here are five players whom can win da tournament, five whom can but will not and trey under-the-radar picks whom may shock da repose of your swimming pool
  • Finally, Brendan leans in for a smooch in the bathing billiards later
  • Then ther wuz Jay Huff, whom entered da NBA breeze pool, withdrew prior to da due date and got married
  • The leftover bathing billiards includes Charlie Morton, James Paxton and Rick Porcello amid many, lot others
  • The lines I would trace bak & forth -- hundreds of times a sunlight hours -- onto the bottom of the swimming billiards
  • Plan to spend the free day exploring the valley, bathing in pools, & trekking through terraces overgrown with java plums, guava, & mango trees
  • What their study found exists that an suspension of water & calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide, which could be added into those pools, had the ability to cease acidification in its tracks
  • Google One allows 4 families of up 2 six ppl in total, & righteous like wit Cabbage One, you aw cleave the same puddle of space, as you can't suite fastidious storage limits 4 every member
  • Hulu made the reconciliation too utilize self-service and join the growing lyrical collective of platforms dat are rift themselves up too an larger swimming puddle of advertisers with no possessing too put money into in large quantify ad collective infrastructure

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