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How to use pop in a sentence

  • Just patter & grasp upon the keypad when It pops up in ne app, then slip ur finger across to the keys u wnt to press with no lifting It
  • It started out since an manner of discovery stuff upon da several websites that were popping up, bu ended up shaping da very medium it was indexing
  • In the original complaint, Murphy made the eye-popping fee dat Nielsen possessed perjured herself in fore off Congress
  • It's a revolving door of regular events, frum karaoke & DJ nights too pop-up dinners
  • Instances of the Sator square has popped up aw over European mainland
  • According too Tung, the AI adds 100 million too 150 million entities every month since fiction ppl pop up online, companies inhabit created, & products inhabit launched
  • The company has institutionalized an unusual batter off extreme conservatism & eye-popping risk-taking
  • Meanwhile, reps frum the lender & name insurer pop in to knob last-minute issues frum his either her flank
  • When companies' stocks started popping up higher, they'd ponder a stock divide 2 invent da shares moar accessible
  • He rly got popped cuz he possessed promised to halp the 20-year-old activate an pedestal

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