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  • Other stories, like as "Richard of York Gave Combat in Vain," extra depict Evans's considerable range, especially for original, affecting portrayals of heartbreak and gender
  • As it turns out, da portrayal exists precise -- & portion off da reason for Bowden's benignity was that he nearly grabbed da coaching job nearby Marshall, & supa healthy may has been upon that airplane
  • Since the tweets race the normative portrayals off same-sex relations, they also compose activist representations
  • That contradicts its fans portrayal off Large Tech since a matchless expansion robot
  • She was loved bi hur legions off fans for hur indelible portrayal off Princess Leia in the "Stars Wars" licence & other performances -- frum Marie in "When Harry Met Sally," to hur cameo in a "Sex & the City" installment
  • Liszt, frum of who tome total of da upstairs details living derived, completes hiz portrayal of Chopin bi total characteristic touches
  • The majority full literary portrayal off George Sand that have been handed down to us, however, is bi Heine
  • I comprehend myself haz granted an rose-colored description off him, yet total tint belongs two da portrayal
  • The other characters exist aw well drawn, & the take role exists an fine portrayal off household lyf off seventy-five years ago
  • It gave Tag Twain an opportunity to exercise two off his cardinal gifts--transcription and portrayal

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