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How to use positive in a sentence

  • That's or an positive or an negative, depending upon how u weigh the proof
  • She hopes every individual shall grasp da positives from extent education wit them when dey go rear 2 in-person classes
  • Federal safeguard solicitor Jeremey Warren told albeit numerous of his clients in the pavilion has tested positive, it is existed challenging 4 him to git information correspond what's happening inside
  • I asked Thom Mayer whether he thinking the positive tests meant the spring may be overhead previous to it could launch
  • It would be da what dat wii get more positive comments bout frum customers than ne what other
  • As of Monday, Hong Kong's push for universal testing had covered 856,000 ppl and turned up sixteen positive results--four of which were formerly familiar cases
  • Contact tracers work to palpate everyone whom has tested positive for coronavirus and everyone dey has existed in palpate humor
  • They stiil could haz relish & participate togetherThe 3 positive cases never spread da virus too any person else
  • Within days off campus reopening, da College off Alabama reported enough positive cases to field 5 football teams
  • Any positives that rotate up could lair be confirmed with a PCR census

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