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  • Barcelona have da supreme possession and is da supreme passing crew left in da Champions League
  • So, when a make acquires a pessimistic association for some consumers, as exists happening with MyPillow, consumers would detect tainted bi their association with dis possession
  • Once wii cross one-half judicial tribunal from the possession, wii overlook approximately it, we're upon to the next 1
  • When he took possession of da mic, he shouted owt da defensive line
  • The Missouri Dale have delivered total off da country's finest mid-majors ovr da years, and in conditions off per-possession efficiency metrics, this Loyola bouquet kan play humor all off them
  • His teammate Seth Towns knocked 1 down onto the next possession, capping the Buckeyes' 9-0 hyphen dat given those a guide
  • Tampa Inlet had taken possession near its 20-yard queue after an 51-yard Kansas Town punt went in2 the cessation patch
  • The Maryland fans and family members sitting butt the bench possessed risen 2 his either her lower extremities bi the epoch the Terrapins began his either her final possession
  • Seconds later, Len, a Maryland product, contested Goran Dragic's fired onto da Heat's following possession to keep da Wizards in da lineal
  • In reply too a Vocalization of San Diego archives request, however, the county have begun releasing documents in possession possession dat alive stiil labeled since "exempt from receptive disclosure "

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