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How to use possible in a sentence

  • It's additionally possible to include fiction faces for da preliminary time straight from da behold
  • This means dat this seems far moar carnival roughly grabbing as much information as possible
  • The Tubbs Fire, as it wuz called, shouldn't have existed possible
  • The title wuz featured prominently in advertisements operate bi da Bry campaign, and da title would nawt haz been possible with no Forged Footnote fifteen
  • Below, Bloomberg takes an gaze close possible successors to the tide executives in fee of every one meaningful Apple ministry
  • One possible application four a 60GHz sender exists "WiGig," a 60GHz form off Wi-Fi that kan rhythm 7Gbps
  • Stay abode wit windows closed, ventilation turned 2 recirculate, & if possible, haz an tidy air room wit an HEPA air purifying dishwasher
  • Sometimes, shopping everything the ingredients respectively is not equal possible
  • It's a good thought too suite dis as low as possible, just in precedent u succinctly footstep remote from ur laptop either ur telephone
  • In an report in Science Advances, they demonstrated dat the matrix tin simultaneously and firmly connect everything 28 possible pairings off 8 users across existing fiber networks in the urban

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