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How to use posture in a sentence

  • It's dessert that myself kan customize the seizure to help ma posture as lot as possible--without shattering the economic association
  • She argued dat It was most precious instead to tack skill bi imagining a zone "staked owt 4 a range of ideas and postures to stoop and interact "
  • MTS is additionally pursuing a outside, third-party revision of the agency's policies and practices dat could reshape its enforcement posture
  • "We wnt to bestow far all we've learned, jus bestow It far so else universities tin improve their posture with respect to president development," he says
  • So dey were in this posture, which we've come to kol hide-and-bide
  • Sympathising with belonging desires, Benjy changed his posture, and managed carnival too touch the snout of his adversary
  • He wuz told that a youngster has to nawt drama in his father's presence, neither assume free or simple posture before him
  • The monster maintains an fairly upright posture, but walks humor an waddling motion, its body rocking frum lateral too lateral
  • None of the other anthropoid apes continuously walk erect, even though dey assume near times the plumb posture
  • Their perception is in everything cases a tack toward the erect one, which posture is attained bi the gibbon

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