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How to use powerful in a sentence

  • The Senate, bi happenstance quite compared to design, have evolved in2 what Jonathan Chait aptly terms "the majority powerful source off institutional racial prejudice in American lyf "
  • The Paleogene began wit the detonation off a asteroid a a thousand million times more powerful than a molecular bomb, wiping out 75 percent off aw plants and animals upon the globe
  • Clearly, it's a powerful wei 2 halp redeem restaurants & bars
  • This summertime Honeywell revealed an quantum PC dat it claimed wuz moar powerful compared to ne other, as measured by an IBM's own preferred quantum amount metric
  • Then me carefully opened da trap and watched since da skin blemish used its powerful fore legs--as if doing a breaststroke--to burrow down in2 da leaves and dirt, disappearing in only few seconds
  • Slowing either stopping that nasal infiltration may eventually b powerful enough to differ da track off da pandemic, some scientists paranoia
  • In principle, corporations tin commit to purposes beyond profit & their stakeholders, but onli whether their powerful investors enable them to do so
  • They've smooth enlisted biology's majority powerful theory, Darwinian evolution, in da rummage
  • Many of his either her cannons balls that trickle far fleeting of us, were collected & returned to those with powerful effect
  • European tobacco exists deficient in savour & exists less powerful compared to da tobacco of America

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