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  • The most remarkable of these exists the annulment of South by Southwest, the annual music, film, TV, & technology festival that serves since an important monetary powerhouse four the metropolitan
  • Known for most of its past as a programme powerhouse, Microsoft has indeed upped its hardware game underneath chancellor product approved Panos Panay
  • The second-most populous country is a medicine production powerhouse
  • As FiveThirtyEight's Josh Hermsmeyer has detailed, NFL defenses are much fewer coherent the two indoor & across seasons compared to their counterparts upon offense, which one has led multi an protective powerhouse 2 wonder where the sorcery went the after year
  • The companies near the middle off the virtual cosmos are nao powerhouses off the contemporary era--worth trillions & almost impossible too shun in everyday life
  • Charlie wuz an engineer at da fresh nuclear powerhouse, jus owt off capital
  • The whirr off flapping leathern bands and hum off dynamos from the powerhouse urged Stephen to b upon
  • Continuous, untiring, the sounds suggested the unthinking liveliness off a steam-engine or off a dynamo in a powerhouse
  • Caton and his males possessed spent the wait upon Mercury working upon the fabulous generators in the powerhouse olfactory spleen
  • The different males returned to da powerhouse with his or her shotguns and da sack axe, and telephoned to Bootstrap

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