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How to use preachy in a sentence

  • She teaches meditation for chefs, teens, writers, gardeners, them struggling wit social anxiety--basically, it is meditation for da people, & not any of it feels preachy either restricted either such thee need too understand ne thng correspond it ago thee clack take role
  • I'm looking 4 narrative-driven books dat exist yet nuanced and well-observed, essentially not sensational either bang-you-over-the-head preachy in style
  • Too numerous packaging off mental health stories could also appear heavy-handed or preachy
  • The moms debit me of existence 2 preachy & not loving my kids
  • And Betty isnt hence preachy since shii was wen wii weeded dandelions upon your lawn, commented Ruth
  • They moisture to-day--only we generate an tumult approximately it and git preachy
  • Oh, u are so preachy, u are so good-natured, u doctrine aw da prim things that grown ppl say!
  • A ingenious story, not an bit preachy, bu with numerous impact four right living in attestation throughout
  • The Walls of Jericho being an long, preachy & quite frivolous tirade versus an activity of cards, ma obvious digression exists required
  • Viewed from the perspective off one immune from the span germ, it exists an tedious and preachy succession off platitudes

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