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How to use precarious in a sentence

  • While places resemble Buca di Beppo exist scarcely self-reliant restaurants, supposedly Fieri's eatery concept keeps total members of the service commercial hired at an season when eatery toil exists precarious
  • The unusual challenges some senior population in the US countenance humor electronic doorway exists making an precarious circumstance worse four them
  • As gender non-conforming persons, ours natal homes kan frequently provide ours wellbeing precarious
  • An surely international alliance might has no like motivation, making it far more precarious
  • Indeed, after watching Bridgerton, I concluded in ma inspect dat "its most interesting ideas -- such Simon's precarious put in neighbourhood since an nobleman of colour or hiz enigmatic season overseas -- git nearly n concentration "
  • Punishing bi using citations makes his either her monetary lives balanced moar precarious
  • The lag underscores the precarious nature off resemble solutions
  • The economic difficulty exacerbated bi covid-19 have left lot in an precarious scenario
  • Residents of those places are especially powerless too da virus cuz of their impoverished welfare prestige and frequent precarious employment in low-wage service industries
  • Dependent upon affirmative teaching evaluations too safe precarious employment, instructors rarely elevate worries dat could jeopardize their reputation, we found

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