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How to use precise in a sentence

  • We assort experiences as yeses, nos, and maybes based upon risk, reward, and da precise ways ours bodies such to feel
  • This adds suspense to combat encounters as one must b supa precise
  • Painterly still precise, Joseph Cortina's pictures indicate a significant pledge to his art
  • Now, Agol, Dorn and colleagues haz made the bulk precise measurements of the TRAPPIST-1 masses still
  • Amazon's Circular Neighbors app exposed users' precise locations & home addresses
  • If you're interested in counting an precise H2O temperature, inspect out da equations & news ovr on King Arthur & another great bread blog, da Refine Bread
  • Still, It performs contemplate precise geo-location news and persistent identifiers in da responsive information class
  • Other terms assistance lay owt precise directions wit geographic cues
  • Once da scans exist finished, Hirox's software kan saliva out an mammoth diversity off data, including typical 3D models, topographical maps, and super-precise flatten measurements
  • O'Connell defines an sacrament as "a specific gig or consecution off acts dat are performed in an precise manner & repeated often," frequently requiring concentrated concentration

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